Science in P6X


During P6x`s space topic we have experimented and done lots of different things. Some of the things we enjoyed doing the most were: gravity experiments, making our own bottle rockets, learning about space travel, learning about the big bang and also making our own flip notes. We enjoyed this topic very much!


In this EXCITING topic we were taught a variety of different things such as: dramas about deforestation, endangered animals, tribes that live in the rainforest, making our own pygmy villages and different rainforests around the world. When we finished this topic we went onto our new EXCITING topic.

Plant Reproduction

In this topic we have learned different parts of the flower. The male parts of the flower are: Anther and the Filament. The female parts of the are: Stigma, Eggs, the ovary and the Style. We also dissected are own flowers then we went in pairs and on whiteboards labelled all the parts of the flower.

Thank you for reading.

By Simon and Jay