Midvision – Italy

ita2We have been finding out about our Midvision country, Italy.

We have been investigating a region of Italy to find out more about the culture, landscape, population, traditions, sport, foods and climate. Whilst researching our region we used the learning power of resourceful, as we used technology and books to gather the information.

We then used the information we gathered on our region to create a multimodal text. A multimodal text is one that includes; text, images, videos and sound clips. We used The Ipad software called “Book Creator”. We had a total of thirteen different E-books, each on a different region, and shared these with the Primary two pupils. The software was easy to use once you had created a few pages and it allowed us to include images that we had found online.

At our mid-way stop we peer assessed one another’s E-books and provided specific information on what we liked and what aspects of the book needed some improvement. This helped us use the learning power of reflection to make our E-books better.

By Euan and Natalie