Staffing and Classes for 2015/2016

photoNext session, we have once again 14 classes.  Teachers for next session are as follows:

Nursery            Mrs Linda Cook, Mrs Linda Edgar, Miss Amanda Pache and vacancy.
P1X                   Miss Alison Adams
P1Y                   Mrs Nicola Roy
P1                     Mrs Elizabeth Thomson
P2X                  Miss Claire Hadden
P2Y                  Miss Lenaghen
P3X                  Mrs Dani Viola (M, T, Th, F) and Mr Jonathan Henderson (W)
P3Y                  Mrs Eilidh Todd
P4X                  Mrs Gill Paul
P4Y                  Mrs Susan Welsh
P5X                  Mrs Joanna Copland (M, T and alternate F) and Mrs Claire Briggs (W, Th and alternate F)
P5Y                  Miss Fiona Garraway
P6X                  Miss Lynsey Binnie
P6Y                  Miss Katy Callendar
P7X                  Mrs Lynsey Stevenson
P7Y                  Miss Frances McTeir

A copy of the staffing letter is attached.