Christmas Cards


The artwork for your own child’s Christmas card has been sent home this week.

Cost per pack of cards is £5 for 12 and orders will be issued to you by Friday 27th November.

Please return the slip with the artwork and payment in an envelope no later than 6th November

Thanks again for your support.



Please note that the P3 and P4 assembly dates have been swapped:-

P3 – 13.11.15

P4 – 22.1.16

Sorry for any inconvenience.


TwitterPlease follow the school @lasswadeps for all the latest news about LPS.

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Walk to School Week

walk to schoolThe first week back after the holidays is Walk to School Week.

Please encourage your child to walk, cycle or scoot to school, even for part of the way, and let’s try to leave our cars at home.

Thanks for your support.

P7X Term One Highlights

photoP7X have thoroughly enjoyed the first term and have learnt lots of new things!

One of the many things that P7X have enjoyed is our weekly visits from Alban, our French student. Alban has taught us to say a wide variety of French vocabulary including school objects, introductions and basic questions to ask somebody in French. She also taught us about the geography and landmarks in France and we made PowerPoint’s about Scottish landmarks to show her and hopefully encourage her to visit!

In the early weeks of P7 we had a visit from the SSPCA. The officer showed us all different photos of animals and what we, as kids, can do to help. The officer was really funny and helpful and answered any questions we had about animals.

On the second week, Kirsten from Love Drama! came in to give us a taster session on what her club is all about. We played WHOOSH! which involves fast reactions and on the spot decisions and we all had a good laugh and lots of fun!

We have taken a big jump up in our level of writing, Mrs Knox and Mrs Ramsay has been really challenging us to up level our vocabulary so we can write in a mature manner and tone.

Our Visible Learning topic, focused on Mindsets, The Brain, The Learning Pit and Making Mistakes. Examples of work include making a PowerPoint demonstrating our research on the brain, designing our own ‘Beautiful Oops’ books, creating motivational mottos, studying our own learning ‘pit’ and writing our own songs about ‘The Power of Yet’. All of this work is showing us that making mistakes is a really important part of our learning and we should embrace the hiccups along the way!  By looking at lots of examples of successful people, we can see that everyone has to get over some hurdles to be the best that they can be.

By Sam Rafferty and Grace Aaron P7X

Part Two

The One Planet Picnic happened at the beginning of September and we had to bring fair-trade food for lunch and bring them in things that were eco friendly like plastic boxes instead of tin foil.

We all loved our visit from Sports Revolution. We learned some new games and were reminded that playing sport makes you feel great!

In P.E Mrs Campbell introduced us to this new game called Invasion Ball, where team work is vital because you have to make at least one pass to every teammate to score a point/goal.

In the past few weeks we have been taking part in four science master classes with Miss Binnie (dissolving), Miss Calendar (shadow and white light) , Miss Morrow (buoyancy)  and Mrs Ramsay (non renewable energy). It has been really interesting to take part in experiments like a real scientist.

We have been really stretching ourselves in Maths and Numeracy this term, focusing mainly on place value, multiplication and fractions. We are thinking about what we have discussed in our visible learning and know that we have to challenge ourselves and that making mistakes is proof that we are pushing ourselves!

By Jamie Cairns and Aidan Burns