P5 Make History

12 people from P5 were chosen to create a booklet about famous sporting heroes who included Chris Hoy, Gavin Hastings and Eric liddell.The book was sent to the local history society along with entries from other Midlothian chools. We were delighted to be judged the best.We won £100 and the Mary Noble Award. The event was held at the Pitcairn Centre in Bonnyrigg and Dean, Eilidh, Camilla, Jamie, Hannah and Adam recieved the award on behalf of Lasswade Primary School.Well Done P5.
This post was written by the Publicity Group

P5 Christmas Party Photos

P5 held their Christmas party this afternoon. We had a wonderful time playing great party games, deciding on the best Disco Dude and dancing Gangnam Style. Here are some photos from the party so you can see how much everyone enjoyed themselves.

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P5 Assembly Photos

P5 held their assembly on St Andrews day and told the story of St Andrew and how his life and death led to the saltire or St Andrews cross becoming the national flag of Scotland. They also told us about some Scottish sporting heroes. As ever with P5 it was wonderfully thought out and filled with fun and facts. Here are some photos.

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P5 Global Childrens Challenge

Primary 5 have been taking part in the Global Children’s Challenge this term and we are having lots of fun keeping fit and learning about different countries. Each pupil wears a pedometer for 50 days to count the number of steps we take, we try to make as many steps as we can to be fit and healthy – we’re each aiming to make around 15,000 steps every day. We then add them all together and divide the amount by the number of pupils in the class to find our class average amount of steps – there is a lot of maths involved and we’re all getting lots of practice at reading big numbers! We then input our class average on the computer and move along a map as we make a virtual tour of the world, the more steps we make, the further we will go. So far we’ve been to Niagara Falls, Toronto, Cape Canaveral, Disney World, Angel Falls, the Amazon Rainforest and South Africa. We’ve learned a lot about each country on our tour and are all really enjoying the challenge of trying to walk around the world. It’s a great way to keep fit and learn at the same time!

P5 News

Primary five have had an exciting term learning about living things. They have learnt all about parts of plants and have even planted their own flowers to be added to our wildflower meadow.

We have also been learning about types of animals and food chains which we were able to use on our trip to the Five Sisters Zoo. What an enjoyable day we had seeing all the animals. Some of us were even brave enough to hold a snake or tortoise!

In amongst visiting the bears, dancing cockatoo and the meerkats, we found time to play in the soft play area! There was even a giant pirate ship!

P5 Are Buzzing

Primary 5 have been busy bees this month with science, Water Aid and the first stage of planting our wildflower meadow.

The children have really enjoyed learning about solids, liquids and gases through practical experiments and an exciting workshop entitled ‘Fizz, Boom, Bang by Generation Science.

P5 would like to thank everyone for their support in making their fund raising such a success! We hope that you enjoyed our Assembly and learnt some interesting facts.

The last few weeks have seen P5 focussing on Financial Education where we have been successfully budgeting our money to arrange a fantastic fictional party!

P5 Kings of the Castle

On Thursday 9th February both classes had an amazing turnout for their castle evening. Their art work was much admired and posters viewed with interest. The most popular activities were chess, conkers and illuminated letters. Thank you for your kind comments in the visitors’ book!

Primary 5 enjoyed their visit to Dirleton Castle last week especially exploring the ‘latrine closet’, the ‘murder hole’ and the ‘prisoners’ pit’ with the help of a Medieval Knight! We were very lucky that the rain stayed away. Thank you to all our parent helpers.

This week we have finding about fair-trade chocolate and cocoa and look forward to tasting some soon. Our main focus has been on the Kuapa  Kokoo Co-operative in Ghana. P5Y have been learning African drumming to accompany P5s presentation on Thursday at the showcase.

From now until April P5 are following a new and exciting initiative called ‘Eat Like a Champ!’ which looks at leading a healthy lifestyle through a balanced diet and has the incentive of unlocking some dance moves courtesy of Britain’s Got Talent 2009 winners ‘Diversity’. Booklets should be returned to school every week to be rewarded with Diversity stickers.

Monday 5th March, both classes will be participating in an introduction to orienteering using the school grounds. Speaking of school grounds, Primary 5s have been selecting an area where they intend to plant a wildflower patch to attract bees and butterflies.  Last week we had an interesting talk from a member of the Bumblebee Conservation Trust who left us some seeds to get our meadow started. Anyone willing to help small groups of children to prepare the ground and plant seeds etc. please contact the school.

P5 News

Fasten your seatbelts and prepare your time machine! We are off to explore castles!

P5 children have been investigating motte and bailey castles, having a merry time with sand and lollipop sticks.  They have been reading for information about early castles and why they were built. Plans are eagerly being made to transform the class areas into the great hall of a castle.

In ICT we are going on a castle adventure where we will be designing our own coat of arms, budgeting for building a castle, dressing a knight in his armour and finding out what life was like in a medieval castle.

In maths we have been focussing on 2D and 3D shapes which is helping us to understand the structure of castles.

Last week we were busily rehearsing for the Community Showcase  – tuning our air guitars and shaking our rock and roll hair! We hope you enjoyed our performance and your visit to our class.

P5’s Community Focus

As part of their community focus Primary 5 visited Bonnyrigg library last week and learnt lots of facts about the services it provides. Primary 5 were given some money to donate books to their community focus and we choice a variety of Scot’s language books that were suitable for lots of different ages. The library were very pleased with their present and hope that lots of boys and girls from Lasswade Primary visit the library and borrow and enjoy the books.