School Streets Information

The School Streets Scheme will begin on Monday 23rd October 2017.

There will be a number of streets around Lasswade Primary School which will be closed to vehicles, with the exception of blue badge holders.

More information (and a map) is available here:

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School Streets Map-2cgvtlf

Similar schemes have been successfully introduced in East Lothian and Edinburgh.  Find out more on these links:

This scheme has been agreed at Council Level.  More information can be found on this link:

Thank you for your support in anticipation of the introduction of the School Streets Programme.

Update on School Buildings

School estate inspections update (Published on 14 April 2016)

As we stated on Monday, as well as ongoing routine surveys of our school estate, further inspections began in March 2016.

No major structural issues identified

This was in response to the situation in Edinburgh where, you will be aware, structural defects have been identified in some buildings.
Our inspections are now complete and no major structural issues have been identified. As would be anticipated, routine maintenance repairs were highlighted and these will be carried out as quickly as possible.
Further selective tests for re-assurance
In light of the further information coming from the Edinburgh schools situation, a phase of selective tests and surveys will take place in the coming weeks in some of our buildings to provide further re-assurance. These findings will also be shared with you.
The safety of our pupils, staff and building users are our highest priority.
If anyone has any concerns please don’t hesitate to contact:
or call 0131 271 3294.

(Monday, 11th April 2016)
We anticipate that parents, carers and local residents will be aware that some Edinburgh schools are currently closed while structural investigations are carried out. We confirm that none of our school buildings were built by the same contractor responsible for the Edinburgh PPI schools in question and we would like to take the opportunity to stress our continued commitment to ensuring the safety of everyone using school buildings in Midlothian.
Maintenance building inspections of all our schools are carried out on an ongoing basis.  A full survey of our school estate was completed after the tragic incident at Liberton High School in Edinburgh.  No structural issues were identified.  We have had two independent condition surveys carried out at our PPP1 schools (Dalkeith Schools Community Campus) in the last three years and annual independent condition surveys are carried out at our PPP2 schools (8 primary schools).  In addition to this, Midlothian Council and PPP Facilities Management staff have an ongoing monitoring regime in place to ensure that any defects are identified and addressed. This includes inspections and monthly meetings with senior school staff and our PPP contractors.
Further inspections of our own estate also started in March 2016, in response to the situation in Edinburgh, and are due to finish on Tuesday 12 April.  A formal process is in place which allows immediate repairs to a school building, including isolating the area if there are health and safety concerns.
The safety of our pupils, staff and building users are our highest priority and if anyone has any concerns please don’t hesitate to contact<> or call 0131 271 3294.


SantaDalkeith High School is hosting a Craft Fair on Saturday 6 December between 10.30am and 12.30pm. Stalls will fill the school dining hall with the colours, sounds and irresistible aromas of Christmas for this festive event.

Embrace the Christmas spirit with sounds from our joyful brass band while you enjoy a warm cup of spiced tea or a coffee and a cake from the selection of home baked treats, while the children are busy at the Kid’s Craft Tables.

Come along to purchase some unique handmade Christmas gifts – from Sparkly Jewellery and Festive Home Decorations to Hand-knitted or Crocheted items, Spice Pots, Candles, Cushions and beautiful Cards.

There will be Music, Children’s Crafts, Tombola, an Art Gallery, a quality second hand Clothes Boutique,

Face Painting, Nail Painting, Refreshments and lots more to keep you and your family entertained!