Fairtrade Assembly

As part of our Global Citizenship work in school, we have invited a speaker from the One World Fairtrade Shop to come into school to speak to all our children on Monday 24th March.

She will deliver two assemblies to the children providing a Fairtrade update, details on the work of the One World Shop and information about a paper-making project in Nepal called Get Paper Industries.

There will also be an opportunity for children to buy a craft items from a range of products under £2 such as:
Bamboo flutes – 60p
Receded newspaper pencils – 60p
Bird Whistles – £1.00
Friendship bands – 75p
Glitzy pens – £1.50
Worry dolls – £1.50
Bangles – 50p
Animal Pencils – £1.15
Dream catchers – £1.50
Tribal bookmarks – £1.00
And other small gifts
We hope the children will enjoy.