Books We Love

Our lunch time book club for P7, The Final Chapter, have been reading and discussing books all year. We started by reading the UKLA 7-11 longlisted books and have now moved on to include lots of other new books too. We thought we would recommend some of our favourite books so far. Please  read our first pupil book recommendations!

Time Traveling with a Hamster

My favourite book I have ever read is Time Travelling with a Hamster by Ross Welford. It is about a 12 year old boy called Al .His dad has died and on his twelfth birthday he receives a letter his dad wrote to him before he died telling him how to travel back in time and save him. It has been short listed for the U.K.L.A book awards a number of other awards too. I think it is an amazing book and though it takes a while to get into it is definitely worth reading.                                                                                                                              

Hannah P7X



The Many Worlds Of Albie Bright

“Where’s Mum, is there any way of finding her?”

The many worlds of albie bright is an emotional ride about a young boy called albie who is trying to find his dead Mother.

Albie is a young boy who loves science, his dad is a scientist and his mother used to be his partner in the lab. When Albie heard the news of his mother’s death he couldn’t believe it, it was too much for him so he started his research about ways to find his dead Mother.

Will Albie get to see his mother again?  Find out in THE MANY WORLDS OF ALBIE BRIGHT!

Matthew Inglis, P7y


Dreaming The Bear

 Dreaming the Bear is about a 13 year old girl called Darcy, who grew up in London but moves to Yellowstone National park in America. Darcy’s family move there because her dad is having to work there. Darcy is diagnosed with pneumonia when they start living in America and her body isn’t used to the extremely high altitudes. Doctors recommend to Darcy that she should start taking walks to build up her strength, but on one of Darcy’s walks something unexpected happens… find out in Dreaming the Bear.

Dreaming the Bear by Mimi Thebo was long -listed for the UKLA book award. I would say it is aimed for 11+.

Iona P7x