P2 are Learning about Butterflies

This month in Primary Two, we are watching the amazing changes in our caterpillars which arrived last week.   They are busily munching all the food and are getting very fat.  We are looking forward to the next stage of their lifecycle when they start to spin their cocoons.  After that we hope to see them emerge as butterflies.  We decided to follow the lifecycle of the butterfly because we are going to take part in the ‘Big Butterfly Count’ this summer.  If you would like to take part too, please visit http://www.bigbutterflycount.org/

 Our focus this term is on Plants.  We are working using a Critical Literacy approach.  Through looking at different texts and videos, we will answer lots of different questions.  By the time we visit the Botanic Gardens next month, we’ll be plant experts!

We have been visited this term by a number of ‘People Who Help Us.’  Tom and Alex Kirk’s Mum came to speak to both classes about her job as a Paediatrician. Everyone enjoyed the opportunity to look at and use the instruments that she uses at the Sick Kids Hospital.   We are looking forward to being visited by Mr Smith who is a postal worker in our local area and Mr Hutchison who is the local Community Police Officer.

Tradey Treats and P2 News

Tradey Treats Update

So far ‘Tradey Treats’ has made over £400.  Remember, we are open for P1-3 on Tuesdays and P4-7 on Wednesdays at morning break.  We still have Geobars and apple juice to sell and soon we will be taste testing some new Fairtrade foods to sell in our shop.  P2 and P6 hope to see you there soon!
Later in the term, we will be making a Fairtrade Cookbook.  In the meantime – why not practice cooking something tasty using Fairtrade ingredients!

P2 Make the News

As part of their ongoing Fairtrade work, Primary Two have featured in articles in two Scottish newspapers this week; The Scotsman and the Dalkeith Advertiser.  The articles show how much work the school has done towards becoming a Fairtrade School.  You can read these articles here:


Class News

P2 have had a lovely Easter holiday and are now raring to go into the Summer term.  We are going to be looking at People Who Help Us and Growing Plants this term.  We have just organised ourselves into new teams to work together to complete lots of activities to help us find out about all of the people who can help us.  There are lots of people and to start, we are going to find out about the Emergency services.   You can find out about what different Emergency people wear by clicking here: http://www.ngfl-cymru.org.uk/vtc/ngfl/ngflflash/isf_97/whatdotheywear/what_do_they_wear.html See if you can match all the clothes correctly!  We have also talked about how a lifeguard can help us.

Everyone is very excited about the Royal Wedding this week.  We have made some lovely symmetrical Crowns and have carefully written invitations to the wedding for our parents. We also designed our own special plates showing the date that William and Catherine are getting married.

P2 December News and Tradey Treats

P2X have been really busy this term.  We completed a novel study on “The Snail and the Whale” by Julia Donaldson.

P2X, P2Y and P6 are very excited about The Fair-Trade tuck-shop which we hope will be opening soon. After consultation with the rest of the name of the tuck-shop will be ‘Tradey Treats’.

P2X and P2Y ran a tasting session in November where children from other classes came to sample a variety of ‘goodies’ which be available in the tuck shop. We also designed posters so watch out for them appearing in school.

 We are really enjoying working together with P6 unfortunately due to the snowy weather we may have to delay opening but we are all looking forward to serving you lots of Tasty Fair Trade treats!


 We are working on a Circus project and hope to have a performance before the Christmas holidays. We have been learning different skills with Mrs. Campbell and are turning our classroom into a circus. Our party on the 20th December will have a circus theme and the children will be invited to dress up if they would like to!

4th year pupil, Keira Bowman from Lasswade High school came to be with us on work experience and she helped out with lots of activities for the Christmas Fair.

P2 December News

The Circus Comes to Town.

 P2 have answered a plea from Midlothian Councillors about a problem with the local site for the Circus.  Due to football matches, the travelling Circus can’t visit Bonnyrigg this year and lots of local people are very sad about this.  So P2 had an idea!

‘Why don’t we have it in here!’ said the enthusiastic children.  Mr Rae and Mrs Thomson thought that this was a fantastic idea.  The pupils began writing to the councillor to tell him not to worry.  They then set about organising their Circus performance – At joined learning, parents/carers and grandparents have been supporting the performers develop their skills in juggling and plate spinning.  Mrs Campbell has been teaching the performers balancing tricks in PE.  Once the performers have perfected the show, they will perform for one night only as  Look out for your invitation to the performance.

Our party on the 20th December will have a circus theme and the children will be invited to dress up if they would like to!

 P2 pupils are very busy this term as December also brings with it, the Opening Ceremony of ‘Tradey Treats.’ The Fairtrade Shop run by P2 and P6.  The shop will begin selling a selection of Fairtrade fruit and chocolate products on Monday 13th December http://www.fairtrade.org.uk/   As part of Community Month, P2 will also visit the local Cooperative store to learn more about the business and the products it sells, the children are excited about the visit and have lots of questions for the Manager.

P2 Class News

The children have settled very well into P2 and been working very hard.  We have learnt all about Houses and Homes.  Armed with clipboards and pencils, we went on a walk around the local area to survey the types of houses around Lasswade Primary. When we returned we created graphs to display our results.  We are looking forward to a visit from Tam Baillie – Scotland’s Commissioner for Children and Young People as we have been learning lots about the UN Rights of a Child. We have been discussing the ‘Right Brilliant Things’ around our local community which make a difference to us and have created some fantastic posters, letters and poems to explain them.

P2 have started learning about Fairtrade products and both classes have begun working with P6 to create Lasswade Primary’s Fairtrade Shop.  Keep an eye on the website to find out when it opens and how you can help us.

Finally, we have had a great set of Joined Learning afternoons this term, which have been enjoyed by the children, their parents and grandparents.  These afternoons will begin again on the 17th of November at 2.15pm.  Please come along and share in your child’s learning.