P5 News and Library Trip

This term P5 have made connections in their learning across the curriculum by linking their science topic ‘Light and Sound’ with ‘ Festivals of Light’ in RME  culminating in their assembly on Friday 2nd December which they also linked to work relating to the ‘Rights of the Child’.

As part of a community focus we have been looking at the Bonnyrigg Library and the services that it provides for the local community and we are looking forward to our trip to visit and talk to the librarian, linking what we have learnt in the classroom to a relevant  context. Please see the attached permission slip and if you can accompany us on this trip please let us know.

Library Trip Permission Slip

This term we have spent our Thursday afternoons developing our skills and knowledge across a variety of interesting master classes and enjoyed the opportunity to share what we have learnt with our peers during our recent showcase.

We have been busily preparing for the Christmas period by creating soap books and reindeer food for the Christmas Fayre and also a scene from ‘The Chronicles of Narnia’ to contribute to the school display in the large hall as well as learning about Christmas traditions around the world.

P5 Still Globe Trotting

Primary 5s have started their Novel Study, “The Scarecrow and his Servant” by Philip Pullman and are enjoying the story very much. They have been doing lots of active learning and drama activities. The children are reading various texts at home which they have personally chosen and are recording their comments in a special yellow and green reading diary.

Primary 5s are continuing their travels around the world and have visited very many places.  They have studied Australia, China and USA in particular.  Both classes are delighted that the class averages  exceed  15000 steps each day and we appreciate the children’s continued effort in the Global Children’s Challenge. We hope that being more active for the last 50 days will be a lifelong habit which will continue after the challenge has finished on November 3rd.

In RME, both classes have been learning about Parables, such as The Good Samaritan, The Sower of the Seed etc.   Now they are studying Festivals of Light, starting with the Hindu Festival of Diwali, where they will be making clay Diva lamps and Rangoli Patterns.

In Science, they are about to study Light and Sound.

P5 Are Stepping Up In Class

P5 have had a very busy term so far with lots of exciting learning read on to see what we have been doing!

Eco Day

Everyone made an excellent effort to bring a packed lunch full of tasty local food as part of our ‘eco one world picnic’. P5 were focussing on where our food comes from and the benefits of buying local produce. This included tasting some traditional Scottish food; fruit such as berries and apples, shortbread and oatcakes, so we could see for ourselves why local food is better!

Global Children’s Challenge

Both classes have started our ‘Global Children’s Challenge’  which involves everyone in the classes wearing a pedometer and aiming to walk over 15000 steps a day. We have made an excellent start and have even managed to have walked enough steps to both be in the top 10 classes in the WORLD! (There are nearly 4000 classes taking part!).

Well done P5 keep those steps up!

Primary 5 April and May News

Primary 5 have had a busy few weeks. They have planned a honeymoon tour of the UK for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, held a fashion show of wedding outfits, acted as commentators, models, videographers and photographers and enjoyed a wedding reception on a budget. Prince William could have saved a fortune!

 This past fortnight they have been involved in more budgeting, as part of their Financial Education, where they have planned a birthday party for ten children with a budget of £50.  We believe parents are delighted that the annual parties will be cheaper this year.  These plans have been displayed in our area.

In art, they have produced some beautiful butterfly paintings which are linked to our Science focus, Living Things and the Processes of Life where we are studying plants and animals.  This week saw some rather unusual red celery and dyed carnations!

 Friday the 27th May sees the final product of months of work in RME/Music/Drama/Literacy when P5 will perform their musical about Moses.  Parents are invited to the 9.15am performance.  We look forward to seeing you there.

Finally a big big thank you to Mrs Knox who has done a very good job working with P5Y this term. Mr Fruish should be back on Tuesday.

Primary 5 Are Mad Scientists!

 Primary 5x&y have been investigating Solids, Liquids and Gases this week and have looked at the changing state of water and other materials. They have been creating saturated solutions of sugar and salt. There were whoops of delight when they investigated the chemical change that occurs when vinegar and bicarbonate of soda are mixed together and proved that carbondioxide was produced by capturing it in a balloon! Experiments have been done looking at separating solids and liquids using evaporation. More experiments are planned for March involving filtering. They have painted Mad Scientists portraits with the Art Specialist which are brightening up our class areas.

Primary 5 have been looking at the everyday uses of decimals in their numeracy work and are really looking forward to seeing the times recorded in the Olympics next summer.

The next two weeks is Fairtrade Fortnight and P5s are going to be finding out about Fairtrade sugar from Malawi.

P5 in Dreamland Scotland

Primary 5x and y have been very busy finding out about all that is good about Scotland, its people, food, heritage and culture etc. They have been looking for ways to make Scotland’s young people lead a healthy lifestyle through playing more playground games and their new ideas for preparing porridge. Primary 5 have been finding fun ways to present their findings and preserve them for future generations. All the children are very excited about showing their model theme park, Dreamland Scotland, to parents and friends on 9th February. They have created some interesting dances which blend traditional Scottish dance moves with some modern twists. They hope Dr Who will be impressed with their efforts.

P5 December News

P5 are enjoying their novel, “The Scarecrow and his Servant” by Philip Pullman. They have reached an exciting part in the story and cannot wait for the school to re-open to find out what happens next! We have been using active learning strategies and drama to help us to explore the characters and the plot.

Our plans for our Community visit have been delayed a little due to school closures but we are hoping to visit the library in Bonnyrigg soon, set up a display of bookmarks and invite the Library staff in to see our Novel Study Learning Walls.

We were disappointed that our assembly on Festivals of Light could not take place on 3rd December as planned, due to adverse weather conditions, but hope to re-schedule before the end of term. Keep a look out for the new date!

We have been delighted with the support from parents in helping to make our Science Homework on “Light” so successful.

Both classes have been practising their dancing in readiness for the Christmas party on Tuesday, December 14th. A new version of the Gay Gordons is being planned and we are sure it will be a huge success!

P5’s Magic Castles

P5 have been studying Castles in Medieval Times linking to all areas of the Curriculum. We have dramatised the Wars of Independence, learned medieval dances, built model castles and miniature working crossbows. We had a challenge to see which fired furthest and a girl won with a score of over 3 metres!

We linked castles to our maths and numeracy work by measuring area, plotting co-ordinates, identifying 2D and 3D shapes, tiling, ordering dates  – earliest to latest, finding lines of symmetry and completing the missing half of symmetrical castle shapes.

We also read lots about castles and even watched a few ancient castle videos!!

 All this was brought together in a very successful and well attended ‘Castle Evening’ where the pupils were in costumes of Jesters, Lords, Ghosts, Ladies, Knights or Servants. They acted as Tour Guides showing their visitors around the galleries of art work and activities which included sewing, an apothecary corner and conker challenges to name but a few.

We got amazing feedback from young and old and we certainly have Confident Individuals, Successful Learners and Effective Contributors in P5.