Fairtrade Updates

Tradey Treats (updated 13.9.2016)

Tradey Treats will be staring up soon for this session!

The Tradey Treats tuck shop is running well! There are a range of products for sale including: chocolate geobars, mixed berry geobars, jelly teddies, raisins and apricots, fruit passion juice cartons and much more. So far the best sellers have been the cola bottles, the jelly teddies and the choc n’ toffee bars!!

We have had over 150 children join our Co-Operative and membership cards and details have been issued to all members.

Don’t forget the tuck shop is open to P1-3 on a Tuesday at break and P4-7 on a Wednesday at break.

All pupils also have the opportunity to become members of the Fairtrade Co-Operative for 20p.  Pupils will be issued a membership card and will receive special offers throughout the year and share in profits made.

Our enthusiastic P7 pupils are doing a great job of serving the children, replenishing stocks, recording sales and handling the money.  Thank you for giving up your break times so readily.


Pupils in P2 and P6 at Lasswade Primary have been learning about Fairtrade over the past few months.  Rachel Farey from the One World Shop visited our school to speak about Fairtrade products. She explained how buying Fairtrade supports and helps producers to make a living.

P2X, P2Y and P6 have been working together to start up Lasswade Primary’s very own Fairtrade shop.  The children worked in Cooperative Learning trios to devise possible names and logos for the Shop.

The winning name, voted on by the whole school was ‘Tradey Treats.’

P2X and Y invited children from P4 to test some of the products they plan to sell when the shop opens on Monday 13th December.  The children recorded the results and have prepared order forms detailing the products they want.   They made posters to advertise the shop and put them up in each classroom.

Many parents came to our Fairtrade Stall at the Christmas Fair, where we sold £165 of Fairtrade goods. It was a great opportunity to see how popular the Fairtrade foods and gifts are.

During our Community Marketplace on the 15th December, P2 and P6 teams will be selling a selection of Fairtrade products.  We look forward to seeing you there.

January News


Tradey Treats Update – April

So far ‘Tradey Treats’ has made over £400.  Remember, we are open for P1-3 on Tuesdays and P4-7 on Wednesdays at morning break.  We still have Geobars and apple juice to sell and soon we will be taste testing some new Fairtrade foods to sell in our shop.  P2 and P6 hope to see you there soon!
Later in the term, we will be making a Fairtrade Cookbook.  In the meantime – why not practice cooking something tasty using Fairtrade ingredients!

P2 Make the News

As part of their ongoing Fairtrade work, Primary Two have featured in articles in two Scottish newspapers this week; The Scotsman and the Dalkeith Advertiser.  The articles show how much work the school has done towards becoming a Fairtrade School.  You can read these articles here: