Winter Arrangements and Severe Weather Guidelines

As we are now into winter, may I remind you to make sure that your child knows what to do should the school be closed for bad weather or heating failure. If there is bad weather at the weekend and there is a question about the school being opened the procedure is to listen to Radio Forth and Radio Scotland for information. Midlothian web site will also have regularly updated information.

We would, of course, never send children home early from school unless we were sure that there was an adult to receive them.

It is extremely important that all phone numbers and emergency contact numbers are kept up to date and we will send out a form for this purpose shortly.

If weather is bad and the school is open we would appreciate the children coming to school as near bell time as possible. We endeavour to let children in to school early in bad weather, but this relies on staff being available in wings to cover as children cannot be left unattended.

Here is the policy guideline from Midlothian Council.

Severe Weather Guidelines